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BabbleSnap™ is Asia Pacific’s first Continuous Learning platform. It has been specifically designed to digitize and support our learning methodology Ready-Set-Go-Show. BabbleSnap allows to reach into the workplace, to Nudge and Nurture your learners to competency and proficiency.

It enables you and your learners to create, upload, pull down, share and rate learning resources any ware simply and easily

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Learning paths can be created and assigned to, self-selected or self-constructed by your cohort based available Subjects and Topics. BabbleSnap will track your progress and ensure you are on track by nudging and nurturing you as required. Adding to, creating or updating a learning path is as simple as drag and drop.


Finding the information you need when you need it is now as simple as reaching for your phone. It serves moderated micro-learning responses in the form of Job-aids and Explainer videos directly to your phone in real time. Never again will your staff need to turn to a college to answer the questions “What is?” or “How do I?”. Your process, your data delivered just-in-time to any web-capable device🙂


BabbleSnap makes your learners your co-creators. Learning resources can be created and uploaded instantly from anywhere. You can maintain quality with your moderator powers. Your cohort can comment on, add to, rate or share learning content as needed. No longer will L&D struggle to create and enable relevant content. It will grow generically as needed. And if a gap is identified, it can be plugged instantly. All you need is a mobile phone and the ability to type:-). Ohh and internet connectivity would be extremely useful also…


BabbleSnap™ gives you the ability to push bite-sized learning content or reminders to your learners at predetermined intervals or as needed through either TXT, Email or the in-app notifications.


Your staff can pull the data they need by typing their queries in the search engine.  They will have instant access to the answers they need and additional links to resources as required. No longer will your critical data hide in stale corners of antiquated systems. BabbleSnap ensures your learning resources are always right there, when and where you need it. Welcome to tomorrow!


BabbleSnap™ is secured with multi-factor authentication and TLS encryption to keep your information safe at all times.


Thanks to the flexibility of the system, your learners can learn at their own pace and, if allowed, can determine their own learning paths. We are all individuals. Our learning pace and content should reflect that. BabbleSnap makes that possible.

Quick Tour

Lets look at the basics

Stuff management would love:-)


Yip. We know you’re busy and under pressure. We have built you a tool that makes monitoring and managing your cohorts dead easy. The system will detect and list stragglers or those needing attention and automates extended learning for the overachievers. It comes with extensive reporting right out of the box. All you have to do is point and click. Seriously, what are you going to do with all your free time?

BabbleSnap will ensure that you can demonstrate, YES DEMONSTRATE that your cohort has mastered their new skills and will identify for you learning/topic gaps to help figure out what you should focus on next.

We don’t say it lightly. GUARANTEED COMPETENCE AND PROFICIENCY OR YOUR MONEY BACK. All we ask is that you follow our instruction.. beat that;-)


We are an Australian company. That means we are here in Australia and we speak English. So is all our staff. Nuff said:-)

One Glance Dashboard

Everybody always talks about learning on the train. What about managing from the preverbail train? Our dashboard gives you a one-stop shop for all the data you need to manage, report on and support your cohorts. So now, just like your learners, you don’t need to be at your desk to do your job. Welcome to freedom. 


Ok. Let’s talk turkey. We are obviously not going to list our pricing here, but rather than claim how cost effective we are we will simply say this. Our clients will tell you we saved them millions and millions of Dollars. And given who we work for you will soon see that we are not exaggerating. When you add the fact the 93% of our revenue comes from return business, we must be doing something right. Suffice to say, that if you buy the odd coffee and croissant, you can afford this system.


BabbleSnap™ works seamlessly across Apple and Android mobile phones and Apple tablets. In our next update, we will include Android tablets as well as support for the Microsoft Windows phone and tablet platforms.

We use simple .CSV integration files that integrate with all LMS systems.  The App easily directs your staff back to data located on your intranet if more information is required.

The team at the Capability Group is always looking for ways to make this App the most useful and informative capability building tool that your business can use. If you have ideas about other components of functionality you would like this App to encompass, we would love to hear from you!

Superb functionality, easy to use and highly integrated is our focus.

We truly believe that all learning should be simple effective and fun. BabbleSnap™ helps make it so!


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